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Phala Project

Phala Competition 2020

The Phala Competition has been extended till 6 November 2020.

Time to make a difference with our fundraising project again. We request each parent to please assist us in this matter.  Funds will be used for payment of teacher salaries and electricity.

Each learner will receive a fundraising form on which the amounts of  R20 a Buck are printed. There are 5 Impala’s on the paper. Learners must try to sell all the impala’s on the paper. After you brought a Impala you write your information in the block above. Mark the Impala to prevent any other person from buying yours.  A complete form will be worth R 100-00.

Stand a chance to win one of the 5 bucks that will be processed in the following:

  1. Biltong ± 10kg
  2. Dry/ Droëwors ± 10kg

Learners may complete more than one form.  Learners may not do the fundraising on the streets.

Each form will be stamped with an original school stamp and will be numbered.

Kindly see to it that all fundraising forms and money collected are paid in at school on or before 9 October 2020.

Your co-operation will be highly appreciated.