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The school was established on 16 January 1956 with an initial learner number of approximately 300. The learner number increased continuously during the seventies until a total of 1240 learners was reached. Thereafter a decrease in the learner number was evident and the temporary classrooms were moved to Burgher right Primary School. Since 1999 the learner number again showed a substantial increase with the current learner number at 1136.

The parents declared the school as a double medium institution on 11 January 1995 and the school became a multicultural institution. Currently classes are kept parallel medium. This implies that English speaking learners are educated in English while Afrikaans speaking learners are educated in Afrikaans.

During this splendid era only four principals served at the school:

Dr BP Botha 1957 – 1973
Mr. HJ Nel 1975 – 1989
Mr. PJC Snyman 1989 – 2002
Mr. EJ Abrahamse 2002 – 2013
Mr. G Parker 2013